Friday, February 26, 2016

The :O Series: one more to go after this

Today was supposed to be the last day of the :OSeries, buuuuut... Since the Series did very well, and you have been more than amazing by giving so much feedback and sharing so many ideas, I've decided to give it one more post of life, so there will still be another post left as a bonus next week!

Right now I'm still suffering energy shortages, so I'll try be quick. Enjoy them!

And if you still need to ask, yes, after the :O series I'll upload a comic, a cancelled one, because I'm finding almost impossible to work in the current pathetic energetic conditions the country I'm living right now was left by the previous government, and I'm quite angry right now.

See you in a week! 
And, as always, any suggestions, requests or feedback is more than welcome!


  1. Loved the 1st one, dirty little liar husband!
    Thanks for making another post of this great series, and the comic is great news

  2. You're the best vip! Some of the best caps on the internet for sure.

  3. Amazing work, glad to get to see you are going to continue more of these.

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  5. hi, i Usually don't like blowjobs but i love everything you do i can't wait for vipcomic 5 i'm hoping for bizarre comics like the last one, here there are some ideas i hope you can use some of these for one of your comics again i'm a big fan of you

    i specially love the last one the nerd girl changes life with the bimbo and she becomes the dumb horny one

  6. Meh, not a fan of this series but still like your work. Can't wait to see more of your great TG caps

  7. Thanks a lot for the cooments!
    I'm sorry this week I was unable to reply them