Saturday, April 29, 2017

Dat Donkey

Yessssss!!! Vacations have officially started!
But do not worry my friends, I have not forgotten about you. I've left a couple of posts programmed to be auto-posted, just like this one, and I will be connecting from time to time to check on any comments, suggestions or questions

So many have been asking for a specific thing: BUTTS. big, round, bouncy, fuckable asses that occasionally they even have a girl attached to them. Growing one so large that you have to wave your arms just to grab its sides.

I have not made much of those lately... but here's what I did. More related to captions regarding ass than captions focusing on the ass growth itself.

But I think you'll enjoy them anyway!

See you soon!
And thanks for the names you shared on the comments on the previous post. 
I'll be using those girls for future caps.


  1. Last picture, "major" not "mayor"... unless officials are getting womanized. =P

  2. Can you make a caption like this? Please

  3. First one had me hooked. I really enjoyed the others. I can't wait to see the new one's with that auto upload style you have installed.

  4. i know this out of topic but can anyone her access tg comic site because i cant been 2 days is it only me or anyone?

    1. Yes, I can. All was OK.

  5. Captions! Thank for the captions!

  6. Me alegra mucho que hayan regresado, aunque sea por un pequeño tiempo, las captions. Saludos desde México ;)

  7. yes! it's all about the first one! love it! want more of it! thanks captions! love your work! hope you have a good weekend, i know i will! ;p