Saturday, July 25, 2009

The UPDATE is here!

Took me a bit longer, but here is after all the July´s Update!

This one has 56 pics... But what you get?

You get a lot to choose from!
We have long captions, short captions, captions with 2 versions, big boobs, small boobs, soldiers, POV's, Forced and
Humilliation, as well as the usual treats: BE, Miswishes, Bimbos, Sissies...

So go now and see them! I leave you a couple here, the rest, you can check and download them from THIS LINK to the Yahoo! Group.

Also I started a new poll on the BLOG for the next update, so please vote.

I hope you enjoy them!

See you soon, leave a comment!


  1. When will these be up in the files section of the group?

  2. Good stuff but I very was sad to see no TG preggers in this round.

  3. wampama@yahoo.comSaturday, July 25, 2009

    I agree with being sad about the no preggers, but why are they so small? I can barely read the captions!

  4. 1) No, no preggers this round, but they'll be back on the next update, I promise!

    2) The images are no longer uploaded in "files", see them from the "photos" section (took too much time to upload 1 by 1)

    3) You can see the images in their original size clicking in the mini menu over the images. I'll post the instructions.


  5. I liked it! do some more soon please

  6. are you going to update them all together in files like you did on your first group?

  7. Great stuff as always VIP! Glad to see you still posting.