Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A small step for men... a great step for Transgendering

I borrowed Neil Armstrong famous words when he arrived at the moon and changed them a little bit to fit the news...

Yes indeed, I finished the epilogue of "the LYNX Proyect!" (I know actually the word is proJect... too late for changing that now), my second poser-made comic.

My previous comic, Omega Planet, was 40 pages long, most of them telling the story. This one is 34 pages but 22 of them are the transformation process! So, if you like seeing the whole process, this shall suit you well.

LYNX will be, if I'm up to it, a three-chapter comic about an astronaut adbudcted by aliens, who's mission will be... let's not ruin the plot yet.

Anyway, grab it HERE at my 4shared folder.

Someone could help me because I have serious doubts if the introduction of a story is named "epilogue" or "prologue"? I'm sure I put "prologue" and I'm sure I was wrong.

I still have a lot to learn and a new PC to buy if I want to make more quality images. Just enjoy this one.

I'll go now and write some caps. Leave a comment please!


  1. Hey VIP,

    this prologue is even bether then your first poser comic. Oke the first pictures (with the fingernails) are to dark to see enough and the one with the body shrinking...i haven't see some of the shrinking process but the rest is good for your second work with this programm.

    I can't wait to see the rest of the comic and your other captions you promised the last days.


  2. Prologue is the setup of the story and epilogue is the wrapup. As already commented by Jim several of the early panels in the transformation sequence are rather dark and difficult to distinguish.

  3. I just downloaded your latest story and i love it. You do great work!!!

  4. I like it better than the 1st

  5. I find the images very dark too. Was it on purpose? anyway the comic was great!

  6. great effort when can we expect part 2 ????