Monday, July 19, 2010

Back from South Africa, miss you! Now: attending fetishes!

The 2010 World Cup is over (congratulations to any spanish readers, by the way!) and it's old news. I cannot describe what is like to attend to the World Cup, there's noting like it, I managed to see almost 3/4 of the matches, and that much travelling was woth it. Ah, there's nothing like Football.

Going away for 3 weeks really left me behind a pile of work when I came back, but now my life is back to normal, and you know what that means?

Yes, it means CAPTIONS!!!

In just 3 days I produced over 30 captions, wich added to the ones I made before my trip leaves a total of... Oh, I'm not telling you that. More than 60 for sure.

Now, let's go straight to the captions:

Anyone up for some big round preggo belly with tits about to burst?

Or you're up for some more firm flesh, perhaps with tight skin around hard hot muscles?

Let's not forget that the sweet chubby girl in undersized clothes cap's are back!

And, if you're still reading this, be a pal, and next time bring a friend to share your experience!

I hope you like them, I really do... Perhaps enough to comment on them?

I'll try to upload the rest on the next few days.



  1. Welcome back Dude! Hope that you are okay. And your Ears... the Vuvuzelas are hard to ignore...

    I can't wait to see all the Captions you createt and hope that many Breast Expansion and Bimbo TF scenes would come (i'm not so in muscle or fat woman)

  2. Def want to see the chubby caps.

  3. You missed the transracial topic, tiny asian girl, chubby ebony and hot latina ! :)

    Can't wait to see the 60 captions *__*

  4. luv the chubby caption. unable to resist as the compulsion grows

  5. Great caps, all four! Love the pregnant, and chubby caps especially with elements of humiliation and mental changes as well.

  6. Awesome Captions!!!! I've always been a HUGE fan of your work

  7. Welcome Back!
    How was the World Cup? That must have been fun to watch! I'm rather envious.
    I'm also glad you are back :) I think I like the preg one the most, but the others are cool, tool.

    Again, welcome back :)

  8. I hope many of the remaining caps are those embarassing chubby or big hips/butt caps! Love em! Thank you!

  9. Great to have you back.
    I agree you missed the transracial caption, but the other ones are still great

  10. I've been a bad bad person, but now I'm trying to comment on blogs I read more often. (when comment forms don't refuse to work... this is my fourth try XP)

    So, love those twins(cute matching outfits for the win! XD) and the chubby cap is deliciously evil.

    Welcome back and thanks! :D

  11. I like the alice in wonderland cap, fairy-tale twist would have been perfect.

  12. welcome back. Hope you had fun!

  13. I really enjoyed the caps; hoping for the rest soon!

  14. more soon please!

  15. Wow, lots of comments, thank you all for your feedback!!

    WonderLlama: Living the world cup was simply... amazing, almost orgasmic.

  16. Can you please make more of the chubby girl captions with similar humiliating situations? Pretty please? *pout*

    I'll try to provide you with images if you want.