Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Almost there... Just some minor issues to be fixed...

Good news!
I'm almost done tuning up this blog, sonn it'll be filled with new caps, comics, and the usual stuff you like.

But still, It may take a couple more of days...
I find myself stuck due to my own ignorance when dealing with designing webpages, XML, CSS, and all that stuff. Some parts of the blog are a real mess (e.g.: the comments are all displayed like smashed toghether, the duplicated image from the post... and other tuff from blog management and entry posting that just broke).

I spent my few avaible hours in this redesign, and when I think I'm done, it just turns out worst than before or even less... nothing changes!

I fell so like the girl in this post... I feel like a dumb bimbo doing this!

If you managed to read until here, I thank you, and leave this caption for you just to make the wait a bit more sweeter.


  1. i'l be waiting til death, bt please post one comic as soon as possible........ Ravs

  2. Can't wait to see some more VIP! Not that crazy about the cap (it seemed kinda rushed) but I'm sure you'll work out the bugs on your new site quick. Please keep making those bimbos man!

  3. Yes, the caption was a quickie... Next ones will be better!

  4. You show us your new comics or you done? (

  5. I'll show you the new comic when it's done. This things take a lot of time to make - 10 minutes just to finish and render each image, then putting all toghether and writting... be patient, please

  6. Who's the girl in the Like, I don't get it title... Just wondering.