Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New blog design, thank you for waiting. You've been very good sissies, here's your reward!

I'm glad to Inform you that I'm done playing with the Blog design...
A lot of things were left halfway done or poorly implemented, but I busted my brains long enough and I can't get any more of it..
Maybe all those years of turning guys into Bimbos left some bad Karma on me?

...But, it's time to move on!

And since you've been waiting as I asked you without complaining, Here's the first part of your reward: captions about good sissies! (who also behave good... most of the times, at least)

In case you didn't noticed, Jenny Poussin is one of my top 3 favourite girls...

Petgirls... I love petgirls.
But I lack sources of good images to make more!

I think sissy slavegirls are paired head to headwith bimbos, after all ,there's just a thin line between those transformations: One has lost control over his mind/body, one has been deprived of all control or will...
Yet, both end up humilliating themselves, only that sissied suffer as much as they love that and bimbos... They're just Bimbos.

Preggos are a must. Sissy preggos are... just hot!

The remote has become a quick classic lately

Katie Cox: perfect dumb-bimbo-siliconed-looking babe

So, do you like the new look?
Wich caption is your favourite?
Any thought/ideas to share?

Leave a comment! (please)


  1. I just realized the date of this post is screwed up...

  2. new site looks great!

  3. Like the new stylish banner and all :)

    Hey Vip, when are you going do a latex cap special fetish posting? :P

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  4. i llke the sissy soap

  5. Great new look to the blog, good new captions...all it needs is a awesome new VIP comic!!

    Hope one is in the pipeline!!

  6. Thanks for your comments!
    I think a new comic is going to be released soon...

  7. I love the remote. Thanks for the great captions.

  8. It is always my pleasure, my friend!

  9. The one with jenny, the remote and the bathtub were all wonderful (although they COULD be curvier). Keep up the great work VIP!

  10. As far as reference sites - is probably the only one I can think of.

    Definitely wouldn't mind seeing some more photomod captions. Also, would be cool to see some fur coat themes sometime.